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Titanium wedding bands: Pros & Cons

If you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to the gold rings that are traditional for weddings and special occasions, titanium might be a great solution. Similar look like white gold, this sturdy metal can stand in replacement for its more expensive cousins. Titanium is already in use by alot of jewelers, so you don’t get much trouble when finding wedding rings styles that suit your needs.

Choosing a wedding band can be a grueling process and you need to be fully informed about all your options. Titanium wedding bands are very quickly becoming the most popular choice due to their unique style and high quality metal. It is a wedding band can truly last as a long as the wedding vows that you utter, trust me. Now it is time to learn more about titanium wedding bands and the pros and cons that they offer. Titanium jewelry offers both advantages and disadvantages you should know before buy it.

Titanium wedding bands: Pros & Cons

About Titanium Wedding Rings

Before you begin choosing between different titanium wedding band, it is important that you understand what titanium is exactly.

Titanium is actually a chemical element that is identified as a transition metal. It is so common that it is actually the 7th most abundant metal found on earth. Some even believe that titanium might actually be present on the sun. This metal is extremely light in color and actually looks white or gray under most lighting. The actual color or finish of the titanium metal can be altered through a variety of methods including polishing and brushing.

Titanium is an abundant metallic element that used to make jewelry, golf clubs, watches and even aircraft… It discovered in the late 18th century and named after the Titans, mythical Greek giants who ruled the earth and personified different forces of nature. Titanium is one of the transitional elements on the periodic table of elements and found in many forms.

Titanium rings are jewelry rings or bands, which primarily constructed from titanium. The actual compositions of titanium can vary, such as “commercial pure” (99.2% titanium) or “aircraft grade” (primarily, 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, 4% vanadium), and titanium rings are often crafted in combination with other materials, such as gemstones and traditional jewelry metals. Even with these variations in composition and materials, titanium rings commonly referred to as such if they contain any amount of titanium.

Rings crafted from titanium are a modern phenomenon, becoming widely available on the market around the 1990s. Titanium rings offer several unique properties: they are biocompatible (hypoallergenic), lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and have the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any crystalline metal.

Titanium wedding bands: Pros & Cons
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Cool Facts

Titanium might be found in abundance, but it is also a lot different than other types of metals. It is important to remember that it actually has the highest strength to weight ration of all metals of its type. This means that no other transition metal offers the amount of durability that titanium gives. Even if you have low density titanium, it is still a lot stronger than other metals. This means that titanium of any grade is incredibly strong and resilient. Titanium is low in density, which means that it is lightweight, but it also maintains its strength. For example, a tungsten wedding band is extremely dense at about 20, but a titanium wedding band only has a density of 4. This means that titanium wedding bands feel very light on your finger, but strength is not compromised as a result.

Different Types of Titanium Wedding Bands

Titanium comes in a variety of different types and not all wedding bands are made using the same type. It is possible to alter the properties of titanium by mixing it with other metals. This creates alloys and alters the finish of the titanium, but does not necessarily impact the durability. It is important to note that titanium metals are actually classifies using grades. This means that they are identified from grade 1 to grade 4. Grade 1 is the classification for the softest titanium, while grade 4 is reserved for the hardest titanium.

Titanium wedding bands: Pros & Cons

What Titanium Wedding Band is Best?

The type of titanium that is best for a wedding band varies, but commercially pure grade titanium from 1 to 4 is preferred. Commercially pure titanium is about 99% pure and allows for a strong wedding band that is also scratch resistant. Grades 2 through 4 are the best, but grade 1 commercially pure titanium will also work for your wedding band.

Before you decide which type of titanium wedding band is best for you, it is important to be informed about the pros and cons. There are a lot of benefits that titanium wedding bands offer, but there are a few downsides. It is important to weigh the pros against the cons to determine if a titanium wedding band suits your needs best.

Titanium wedding bands: Pros & Cons


  • Understated, simple, and inexpensive rings: If you thing yellow gold too showy, white gold platinum too expensive – then titanium wedding rings are best choices. It is much less expensive than other ring materials, such as gold or platinum, yet it is attractive enough for use as wedding jewelry. They are usually inexpensive, simple, but nice enough to wear with a suit.
  • Wide Price Range to Choose: It is also important to realize that even though titanium wedding bands are lightweight, strong and durable they still come in a wide variety of pricing options. This means that depending on the grade of titanium wedding band that you choose, it is possible to purchase your wedding band on many different budgets. This means that you can buy a cheap titanium wedding band or opt instead for an expensive titanium wedding band. With so many different pricing options to choose from it is almost impossible to not find a price you can afford.
  • Lightweight, wide variety of colors: Titanium is lightweight, which makes the ring comfortable and easy to wear. Most people do not want a heavy ring that weighs down their finger. The best part about titanium wedding bands is that they are low in density and extremely lightweight. However, even though they are lightweight that doesn’t mean they lose any durability. This type of wedding band is still incredibly strong. Also, titanium can be colored into a wide variety of colors. Titanium can polished by a jeweler. If you want a colored titanium ring, consider that the color can wear and may need to reapplied periodically.
  • Surprisingly strong: It is a strong and resistant metal. Unlike white gold, titanium can be left as is and will continue to look great over the years, instead of needing the occasional recoating that white gold needs. While titanium is surprisingly strong for how lightweight it is, it can still show signs of scratching and other wear.
  • Low-Environmental-Impact Metal: If you are conscious of the environment and part of the growing green movement, this might be the perfect wedding band option for you. Titanium wedding bands are crafted only using low-environmental-impact metal, which is much better for the environment.
  • Optimal Durability: Due to the cost of your wedding band, chances are that you want a band that will last and stand the test of time. Titanium wedding bands are durable and strong enough to last a lifetime with very minimal wear and tear. Since titanium wedding bands are 100% hypoallergenic, it is also a band that is resistant to tarnishing or corrosion. In fact, titanium wedding bands are so tarnish resistant that they can even be exposed to salt water.
  • Hypoallergenic: Titanium is hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for anyone with metal allergies.
  • Poor Electricity Conductor: Another pro surrounding titanium wedding bands is that they are also a very poor conductor of electricity and heat. This means that even if your hand or wedding band is exposed to high amounts of heat for some reason, the titanium band will not become hot. It is also very strong, and will not bend due to extreme temperatures.

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  • They are very hard to be resize: Your fingers will change size over time. Main issue with your wedding titanium rings is that they hard to be size. So if you lose/gain a lot of weight on your hands you’d probably have to get a new ring. Various jewelers are told me that: “it is very difficult to cut titanium and in the event of a bad happening you could lose your finger OMG!” But then, some unaffiliated one tell me that this is just their ploy to get me to buy the more expensive bling like the platinum and that titanium can rather easily be cut. Because titanium wedding bands are very strong and durable, they can be a real pain to resize your wedding rings. Resizing this type of wedding band can be a lot more expensive than other metals. The strength that makes titanium wedding bands last a lifetime is also what makes them so difficult to have resized. If you think that your wedding band might need to be resized at some point, titanium wedding bands might not be the best option.
  • Not valuable as gold and platinum: Gold and platinum have actual value as metals and go back through history as wedding ring metals. Your wedding rings are the most important jewelry you’ll ever have. Your kids will inherit your wedding jewelry. Choose a valuable, special metal like gold or platinum. Titanium and Tungsen are cheaper.
  • Not traditional-looking engagement or wedding rings: Titanium cannot be made into a ring with a prong setting, so it can’t be used for a traditional-looking engagement ring unless the prong setting is made of a different metal and riveted onto the titanium. People can avoid this by having only the groom’s wedding band made out of titanium and using a different material for the bride’s set.
  • Few Intricate Design Details: The strength and durability of titanium can also be a hindrance when it comes to intricate details and designs. Since titanium is so strong and difficult to alter, it is very difficult to put intricate details or designs into titanium wedding bands. This means that titanium wedding bands often look a lot plainer than other types. There are not a lot of design styles to choose from when selecting a titanium wedding band. The styles that you have to choose from are extremely limited, which is not ideal for everyone.
  • Low Shine: Another con involving titanium wedding bands is the dull luster that they normally have. This type of metal is a lot less shiny than others. This means that a titanium wedding band will not shine the same way that gold or platinum bands do. If you think that shine is important in your wedding band, you might not want to go with a titanium wedding band selection.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and reviews about titanium wedding rings

Anyone got a titanium ring?  Do they last?  Any likely allergy issues?  Do they turn green like cheapo silver?

  • PersonalClown said: “My husband has been wearing a titanium ring I bought for him for 2 years now. He’s a delivery driver for Ocado and it’s been bashed and battered and still looks as good as new. I went for a brushed finish rather than polished so an occasional nick or scratch doesn’t show up so much. Titanium allergies are rare, about 4% of the population.”
  • GiantTess said: “My husband and I have titanium rings. They have lasted 6 years so far with no problems. It’s what they make aircraft out of – v.hardwearing!”
  • SofaKing said: “My dh has also had a titanium wedding ring for six years and it is fine. He destroyed two engagement rings in five years so definitely more durable, and it hasn’t needed cleaning either, unlike my white gold ring which I was advised to have replated by a jeweller to remove the scratches.”
  • fragola said: “I have a titanium ring that I’ve worn for about 9 years and it’s worn just as well as my platinum engagement and wedding rings.
  • Krumbum said: “Another option is tungsten my partner has had a tungsten ring for 5 years and it looks new.”
  • Doggiesayswoof: “Dh and I both have titanium rings and my engagement ring is too. Lasted 6 years and look new. Very pleased with them.”

Can a Titanium ring be cut off?

Yes! Please be aware that in any situation where it might become necessary to cut off a Titanium ring – for instance excessive weight gain, hand injury, etc., – cutting through titanium will be more difficult than cutting through gold or platinum.

However, it can still be done. In jewelry shop, we used a separating disc and flexible shaft tool-items commonly found in nearly all jewelry shops that work with gold, silver, and platinum–to cut through one of our 5mm domed and comfort fit titanium rings. Cutting it all the way through took only 20 seconds. Next, we contacted our local hospital emergency room and asked if they were equipped to cut off a titanium ring in an emergency. Most hospital emergency rooms are prepared to handle almost anything, and ours assured us that it would be no problem for them.

During our 30 years of jewelry repair experience, we’ve only seen a dozen or so rings that have been cut off in hospital emergency rooms, and in most of those cases the rings had been bent out-of-round and were putting painful pressure on the finger. Titanium rings are less likely to crush or bend out-of-round, so if you shut your hand in a car door or drop a heavy object on it, it might be safer to be wearing a titanium ring than a precious metal band! Nonetheless, if you ever need your Titanium ring cut off, just contact a local jeweler that uses separating discs. Please check with your local medical facility if you have concerns.


Whether a titanium ring is right for you depends on what you want. If you want a diamond engagement ring that matches the wedding band and that can be resized easily in the future, then a titanium ring is probably not right for you. However, if you’re looking for a ring that is lightweight, attractive and relatively inexpensive, it may be just right choice for you.

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